South Side Story, the experiential festival that celebrates Onam and all things South India is going online this year. The festival will present Kerala’s music and culture in contemporary fashion to the audience watching across the globe. The musical elements at the online edition of South Side Story comprise popular indie bands Thaikuddam Bridge, Agam and Masala Coffee. Before you catch them at the festival on Sunday, August 23, watch some of their best music here. Plus, there’s sadhya to be had and cooking masterclasses to watch.

Thaikuddam Bridge

Thaikuddam Bridge (pictured above) is a rock band with elements of folk and classical Indian sounds.



‘Fish Rock’


Agam, which translates to ‘the inner self’, is a Carnatic progressive rock act from Bengaluru.

‘Mist of Capricorn ( Manavyalakincharadate)’

‘The Celestial Nymph ( Manassi Dussaham)’

‘Kooth (Koothu) Over Coffee’

Masala Coffee

Masala Coffee is an eight-member band whose sound is a mix of Indian folk, pop and rock.

‘Kaathu Sookshichoru Kasthoori Mambazham’


‘Aadiyilalo Anthamilalo’


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