Every month, we select five stand-up comedy videos sure to give you a few giggles in your free time. Our picks for December feature Abhishek Upmanyu, Adesh Nichit, Appurv Gupta, Manoj Prabakar and Pratyush Chaubey. You can also watch their gigs across the country through the month.

‘Indian Insults & Comebacks’ By Abhishek Upmanyu

Abhishek Upmanyu believes that Indians aren’t great at insults or at retorting to snubs, and gives us examples to prove his point. He uses humour to touch upon a sensitive topic, the ignorance towards and stereotyping of homosexuality in Indian society.

‘Aur Batao’ By Adesh Nichit

Adesh Nichit delves into the culture shocks that he, a Delhiite, experienced on having recently moved to Mumbai. He also tells us why he doesn’t enjoy phone calls anymore, talks about the difficulties involved in expressing emotions over texting and reveals the WhatsApp frivolities that he indulges in.

‘Starbucks Wala Experience’ By Appurv Gupta

Appurv Gupta aka Guptaji is fascinated by the retail coffee chain, Starbucks. He shares with us his experience at one of their outlets, talks about the acceptable brand of laptops that one can use there and gives some insight into an entrepreneurial scheme that he pulled off while sitting in a Starbucks.

‘GRE English and Zimbabwe’ By Manoj Prabakar

Manoj Prabakar shares his thoughts about what he believes are the two most precious words in the English language. He explains why giving the GRE exam is akin to doing engineering, and reveals the ultimate purpose of the GRE. He also sheds light on the charms of watching English movies dubbed in Tamil.

‘Inferiority Complex’ By Pratyush Chaubey

When you suffer from an inferiority complex, even the smallest things can feel like a trial. In this honest and self-depreciating video, Pratyush Chaubey talks about the difficulties faced by him in day-to-day life in such common situations as visiting a coffee shop.

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