5 Stand-up Comedy Videos To LOL Over This January

Each month, we pick out five stand-up comedy videos that you can chuckle over during lunch break. Our selection for January features Devesh Dixit, Nishant Tanwar, Prashasti Singh, Rajat Chauhan and Vikramjit Singh. Once you’ve watched their videos, attend their gigs at various venues around the country.

‘I Don’t Do’ By Devesh Dixit

Devesh Dixit admits that he isn’t much of a doer. He doesn’t like doing anything. He tells us how he likes to spend his Sunday, and shares his thoughts on football and Salman Khan.

‘One Tip One Hand Out’ By Nishant Tanwar

Like millions of people in this country, Nishant Tanwar is a cricket fan and wholehearted supporter of the Indian cricket team. He talks about his favourite moments in cricket, and explains why he aspired to become a third umpire as a kid.

‘Relationships And Fuckboys’ By Prashasti Singh

Prashasti Singh talks about how new-age Bollywood films have redefined the meaning of true love. She also sheds light on the trials of dating an emotionally unavailable “fuckboy”, and tells us about the best self-help book that she has read.

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‘Sex Education, MBA, Radio Ads and Marathon’ By Rajat Chauhan

Rajat Chauhan breaks down the irony of sex education in India, gives brand marketing tips to MBAs, tells us why advertisements on the radio amuse him, and why he thinks running a marathon is a sham.

‘The Great Indian Food Story’ By Vikramjit Singh

“India is a hungry country,” Vikramjit Singh says while serving up his thoughts on food consumed during festivals in the country. He also talks about making bad food choices in fancy restaurants and tells us why he believes Continental food is a con job.

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