Politics and romance is something which always sells. No matter what medium it is. And theater is something which is very personal as a medium of communication. It also is very ephemeral; so to create a scenario in front of live audience is kind of tricky. The artists needs to be quick and captivating.

Teri  Meri  Prem Kahani, written and directed by noted theater personality Om Katare is a delightful musical satire. Om Katare founded the Yatri theater group way back in 1979 and since then, it has been providing wholesome and entertaining plays to the theater lovers.

Teri Meri Prem Kahani is a play with a very simple plot. There is a roadside Romeo (the character’s name is also Romeo) who falls in love with a married woman. When after repeated failures of conveying his love to her, he takes the help of a local politician who in turn, suggested him to fast unto death. And when politics comes into the scene, things tend to become twisted and complicated.
Even though the play dealt with a delicate subject, the actors managed to keep the scene light with their performances. Especially the hosts. They were absolute entertainers. The way they told  the story through song, dance and acting with added humor was very commendable. Om Katare as the local politician and Paromita Chatterjee as a Nari Shakti leader gave a hilarious performance and it was an utter thrill to watch them perform. More hilarity ensues when up comes a Arvind Kejriwal-like character, and to the audience’s delight a caricatured version of Arnab Goswami with his trademark line “The nation wants to know.”
However, some parts of the play were too filmy and the audience might be reminded of some scenes from any cheesy TV serial. Especially the part where the main protagonists are introduced. It felt like a direct pickup from a typical Bollywood movie with added narrative gewgaws. The play picked up pace in the second-half. At times, it got emotionally intense and weighty, but the whole play nevertheless was whimsically-funny.
Not a perfect musical satire but definitely a good attempt.

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