Every family has their secrets, and the British Royal Family is no exception. The only difference? They have their trusted butler (Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy) to help them guard these… Or so they think!


Without giving too much away, The Buckingham Secret explores the Royal Family in an alternate universe where things are very different from reality as we know it. The Royal Family has a secret, and it's one that threatens their status in society. When this secret rears its ugly head, the family must go to extreme lengths to preserve it!

The Buckingham Secret is a laugh riot that plays on our fascination with royalty. Sure, they know how to put up a front before the public. But what really goes on behind closed doors is exactly like every other household, if not funnier!

Peppered with a hearty sprinkling of Parsi-Gujarati jokes and witty jabs, the play is a roller-coaster ride of hilarity! It puts a relatable spin on the tricky topic of royalty. Yes, he might be the Prince of Wales, but Charles still can't talk to women! Gags like this, among many others, keep the play from dragging even for a minute.

However, the main reason behind the success of Meherzad Patel's kooky comedy is the acting. All the actors are outstanding as their respective characters. Sabira Merchant, Nauheed Cyrusi and Sajeel Parakh stand out in their parts. Though none of them can hold a candle to Danesh Irani, who plays the Duke of Edinburgh. Despite his age, Danesh is the ideal choice to portray Prince Philip, whose foot seems to permanently reside in his mouth! His odd musings and quirky one-liners are sure to induce side-splitting laughter.

Though it's primarily a comedy, The Buckingham Secret offers more than just a few laughs. It also has heartfelt moments that will make you realize that the Royal Family are a family, just like any other.

A well-acted, wonderfully scripted play like this also would've fallen flat with a sub-par set. Fortunately, that isn't the case with The Buckingham Secret. Fali Unwalla's magnificent set design is another one of the play's highlights. How he managed to fit the splendour and the beauty of the Buckingham Palace on one stage, we'll never know!

All things considered, The Buckingham Secret is a thoroughly entertaining play that deserves to be watched at least once. A dull moment in the play is as rare as a moment of silence in a Parsi household. The play is a tongue-in-cheek look at the eccentricities of an extraordinarily ordinary family. However, those who are easily offended might want to give this one a miss. But if you think you can handle it, don't miss The Buckingham Secret next time it's in town!

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