If you have trouble imagining, getting to this play would be a good option. The better option however would be to read The Little Prince by Antoine Saint Exupery, the book from which the play is adapted, and rather well at that. Written by Kuo Pan Kun, Day I Met the Prince is interactive and involves the audience to find answers to life’s myriad questions.

What do you do when people around you don’t understand you? Or your drawings? A little girl cannot understand adults, especially when they ridicule her drawings of pythons and elephants. She then meets a prince from a far away planet who has only one query, “How do you protect a rose from a goat?” And the two of them set off on a journey to get the answer, meeting interesting people along the way, including a geographer (“Why are you asking me all these questions? I’m a geographer, not an adventurist”)  and a seller of magic pills (“Why spend time drinking water when you can have these magic pills”). When they both finally get the answer, the prince bids adieu, leaving the little girl in her interesting world.

From the time it starts, Day I Met the Prince keeps you amused with lively performances by Working Title’s very talented trio of performers. Music, drama, magic tricks, and spirited singing are something you can look forward to. The stage actors paint a lovely illusion and if you’re part of the audience, chances are you’ll be playing along as well. And that’s not all, the interactive play brings out wacky quips from kids in the audience. So be prepared!

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