After a grand success and much love from the audiences in Mumbai and Delhi, Disney’s Aladdin – the Broadway-style stage musical produced by BookMyShow – is back on the floorboards for Season 2. The show has been reimagined and developed by the best of Indian talent to make it locally relevant. Right from the moment you enter the venue, you can expect to be enchanted by spectacular sets, special effects, a wow-worthy magic carpet ride, and Alan Menken’s beloved original score. So are you ready to be transported to a whole new world with the Broadway-style musical and world-class production made entirely in India? Here’s what people had to say about the superhit musical that should get you booking your tickets right away:

1. “Most colorful show ever”

There are a variety of colors used for the costumes and sets, making the show visually vibrant and simply stunning. Thanks to the fantastic lighting, the final effect is nothing short of magical.

2. “The magic comes alive”

Genie’s appearance on stage, the scene with the Cave of Wonders, and the magic carpet ride are just some of the magical highlights of this fantastic musical. The cast and crew truly enchant you as they sing and dance flawlessly on stage.

3. “Put together flawlessly”

There is a sense of rhythm in the way each scene transitions into the next. The talented cast sings live, dances to the wonderful renditions of the songs, and acts in tandem with each other. There is a perfect blend of old numbers that you can sing along to and some new ones that will make you tap your feet.

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4. “Simply genie-us”

The play begins with Genie’s salaam as he introduces the audience to the beautiful city of Agrabah, a land from a faraway place. Mantra as Genie has us in splits every time he appears on stage and Genie and Aladdin’s give-and-take is thoroughly entertaining and side-splittingly funny.

5. “An epic you cannot miss”

You cannot help but be amazed by how huge this production is with over 50 performers expertly directed by the talented Shruti Sharma who has worked on popular and long-running productions like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Jhumroo. The dance numbers are big, the sets are larger than life and the applause from the joyful audience is the loudest…truly world-class!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or who you go with, Disney’s Aladdin can be magical for everyone. And think about it…what is life without a little bit of magic? If you haven’t booked your tickets for this ‘must-watch’ Broadway-style stage musical yet, book them here.