9 Plays We Saw This Year That Have The Potential To Become Classics

There are some forms of art which might never die out and theatre is one of them. Theatre seems to be as old as time in different forms from enlightening the people to the problems around them to just entertaining them. Every year we get to see some new plays and the return of some old ones. 2017 was no different and we have seen some amazing plays which have the potential to turn into classics one day. We have seen a lot of plays this year and some have impressed us more than the others. Here's a list of top nine plays we saw that are going to become classics.

Darkroom Theatre 2.0 

You are taken to a darkroom where you are blindfolded and through your other senses transported into a story. They make dark stories come alive here and although there is a long process until the play actually starts, every moment of the play is worth it. We loved it and you can read what we thought about it here.Plays


Pankaj Kapur has proved time and again that he is an excellent actor. Dopehri is a novella written by him a long time ago. He narrates a story with four different characters and you cannot help but be mesmerized by him as he on his rocking chair just reads an amazing story. Our review of the play is right here.Plays


There is nothing we can say about this musical treat which hasn't already been said. After multiple seasons in Mumbai and Delhi, you have missed something if you haven't seen this. Theatre doesn't get grander than this. Check out what our reviewer thought about it right here.

Nothing Like Lear

Rajat Kapur truly has a different take on Shakespeare's work. The bard who is known for his creation of new words apart from many other things is now being expressed through gibberish. But that doesn't deviate from the fact that this is one hell of a play and our thoughts on it are not in gibberish.

Words Have Been Uttered

A collection of stories, poems and other written pieces from prominent writers is what awaits you when you go watch this one. Talking about it might ruin the experience but you can read what we thought about it right here.

9 Parts of Desire

This play has been performed worldwide and was written by Heather Raffo. It speaks of the plights faced by the women in Iraq due to the tumultuous circumstances over there. It shocked us and it will shock you as well.

Twelve Angry Jurors

A classic story we get to see again with some amazing actors performing the role of the jurors. It is never easy to make a decision regarding someone's life and these 12 people have to do just that. You can read our judgment on the play right here.

Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha

Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta perform this wonderful play written by Rakesh Bedi about a poignant love story. Need any more convincing? Read our review of the play here.

The Father

Naseeruddin Shah is one the most popular names in the theatre industry and he has been performing this play at NCPA and Prithvi before. You can read what we loved about the play here.

Which plays have you seen? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.