As all magical stories start…Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. Ah! Cliché! Who does not know of Cinderella? We all do.

However, what we may not know is that this beautiful kind woman was a brave-heart inside out. A simple village girl, who was ill treated by her (step) mother and (step) sisters, she never let the fear of being stroked out touch her beliefs. All she dreamt of was leading a happy life and that is exactly what she did. Even if it took a little time!

If dreams were not made to come true, then nature would not incite us to have them. Cinderella’s dreams were her only friends until the day the kind fairy godmother came into her life. Then, magic happened! An unimaginable scale of magic, at least for a simple village girl like her. The kind fairy godmother (along with the benevolent fairy godfather) were not only funny, but they gave Cinderella a hope- a hope that bad things end to give way to better ones. A kind of hope which we all want to feel each day.

Magic comes in little forms; in Cinderella’s life, it came in the form of a lost glass slipper, the very slipper she did not want to lose in the first place!

She then met her prince charming, fell in love and of course lived happily ever after. We all know this. But exactly how did all this happen? What were the chain of events which sewed themselves so magically, that this age old story still continues to captivate the audiences, old & young alike?

Playing in popular places like NCPA in Mumbai , this play has performers from the very talented Vishal Asrani's Institute of performing arts. Vishal Asrani heads a drama institute and also dabbles with singing, teaching & producing plays and theatre performances. A renowned name in the performing arts industry, he and his team have decided to present Cinderella's story as a musical for the audiences.

NCPA, which has been a favourite amongst the theatregoers in the country since 1969 now, is known for the diversity, vibrancy and its fine showcase for India’s rich performing art ethnicities. By hosting ‘Cinderella’, the institution has only just managed to add one more feather in its cap!

All this said, a magical tale of Cinderella definitely deserves a watch (even if you know the story!) & what could be better than a drama musical to experience the same? Cinderella would have wanted you to know her story- a story of belief of a poor girls life woven through magical times; the very one which lingers with you not only when you are experiencing it, but long after those hours end too!

Written By: Nikita Mehta