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Andheri Exposes the Dark Side of Bollywood

Ever heard of #LokhandwalaDudes? Well, this hashtag used to trend on Twitter some years ago and all the tweets under it were jibes taken at struggling actors who lived in that area. They may struggle to pay for their meals but spend lavishly on a gym membership and branded clothes. Andheri, a play by The Mirror Merchants, brings all of this to life on stage. Read on to know more about its characters.


Sanju Singh, the Casting Director

This casting director gets a lot of attention from aspiring actors and they are willing to do just about anything to please her. But is she genuinely happy with all the laadpyaar or does she crave for something more?

Laxman, the Watchman

Bollywood can be a real ugly place. Laxman aka Lucky goes for several auditions in the day and works as a watchman in the night. Once his dreams are shattered, he is left singing to visitors of the building.

Suhas, the Bodybuilder

Actor ke liye body banana zaroori haihone . At least that’s what Suhas believes in. Otherwise, why would he do hundreds of pushups every day and spend half his earnings to buy protein powders? 

Anjali, the Supporting Actress

Anjali is willing to compromise herself in order get a lead role in a big-budget Bollywood film. If she has no reservations about it, who are you to judge?

Andheri will be taking place at Harkat Studios this weekend and on June 25. Book your tickets here.