Today, January 5, is the day when deadmau5 was born. We know it sounds ironic, but deadmau5 (pronounced dead-mouse, not dead-maw-five) is simply the alter ego of Canadian producer Joel Zimmerman. Wondering how he got his artist name? Well, when the mau5 was younger, his computer once abruptly shut off. After smelling foul, Joel dismantled his computer to find a dead mouse in there. Following this incident he became known as the "dead mouse guy" among friends. Joel tried to change his name to "Deadmouse" in an online chat room but since it was too long he later shortened it to "deadmau5", which is a form of leet. That's it! That's how one of the biggest names in the electronic music industry was born.

While he is a remarkable producer with the head of a mouse, he is also a nuisance to many on Twitter. He goes on random rants about everything in the music industry, naturally insulting many in the process. While it seems he's overdoing it with the hate, at the end of the day he's just a troll and a master at that. And he often makes a valid point. Besides, he's just having a bit of fun – the only thing to be taken seriously about him is his music. We have compiled 10 such tweets where he has absolutely no chill.

Before we proceed with the tweets, here is a bonus picture. The number on the shirt belongs to none other than his good friend, DJ/producer Skrillex, who took it light-heartedly and simply got rid of that phone.


Watch the mighty mau5 take on:

1. DJ Pauly D.

2. Armin van Buuren

3. Porter Robinson

4. Dillon Francis

5. Tiesto

6. Martin Garrix

7. Wildstylez

8. Madonna

9. Ash Pournouri

10. Afrojack