10 Times Kanye Made Us Laugh

The first think that comes to mind when you say Kanye West is “Jesus, that guy.” That’s the thing with Kanye West, even when he isn’t trying to make an impression, he makes an impression. And generally, it’s a bad one. However, he happens to be one of the most influential artists of his time, and also a very rich man (seriously, he wears leather pants while jogging). That being said, Kanye has been a goldmine of something we Indians like to call ‘gyaan’. Here’s a few of Baba Kanye’s golden words which got us thinking- is this guy for real?

1. When he proclaimed himself as a god.

2. Always modest, our Kanye. 

3. When he likened himself to Shakespeare and Google. 

4. He does have a point. 

5. Kanye only competes with those bigger than him.

6. We don’t know what to say.

7. We’re waiting for the day Kanye cures cancer. 

8. Again, such modesty!

9. This is really sad.


10. This is SO deep. 

Oh, Kanye.