There’s a reason Yanni is one of the most revered composers around. Once you’ve heard a few of his tracks, it’s not hard to understand why. Even though his work has garnered acclaim and applause, there are still a few compositions that haven’t gotten their due. If you, like us, can’t wait to see Yanni at VadFest 2015, here are 10 of the musician’s most underrated songs:

Truth of Touch

Truth of Touch
is a journey within a song. From its haunting intro to the glorious final notes, the song never fails to amaze. The muted piano and the exceptional use of a violin will leave you breathless.


Everyone can agree that Felitsa is an awe-inspiring song. But what makes it even more special? The musician dedicates every performance to his mother – A woman who gave birth to one of the most notable composers of all time!

Almost a Whisper

Very few albums are as aptly titled as Yanni’s Reflections of Passion. Almost a Whisper, which features on the album, is the perfect expression of love, passion and desire.


It’s not easy to create a melody that’s both calming and full of enthusiasm. Well, for a normal musician anyway. If you’re Yanni, it’s a cakewalk! And Vertigo is a million times better live. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof: 

Though Rainmaker isn’t exactly underrated, it still doesn’t get half the recognition it deserves! The soulful vocals, combined with the majestic violin, make this one of Yanni‘s best compositions.

The End of August

Undoubtedly one of Yanni’s most sublime compositions, The End of August is a track that embodies everything we love about spring. Isn’t it perfect?

Adagio in C Minor

It’s not easy to tell a story through a song, especially one without any lyrics. But that’s exactly what Yanni has accomplished in this beautiful composition. Calling it anything less than a sonic delight would be a crime.

Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a hauntingly beautiful melody that shows off Yanni’s musical prowess. An outstanding composition, this is not a song you can listen to just once.

First Touch

First Touch is the musical equivalent of a pick-me-up. The track takes the warm and fuzzy feeling of first love and puts it into a melody.

Never Too Late

It’s not easy for a song to be both intricate and beautiful, while also being larger-than-life. But that’s exactly what Never Too Late is. There truly is no better way to describe this song than "powerful".

Now that you’ve enjoyed a few of the musician’s compositions, we know you can’t wait to see him live. What’s better? You can also enjoy a host of other performances at VadFest. So, what are you still waiting for? Click here to book your tickets for VadFest 2015!

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