If you’re a fan of Indian pop music and Bollywood songs are your favorite, then it’s highly unlikely that you aren’t familiar with the band, Sanam. Formerly known as SQS, Sanam is a four-member band that has taken YouTube by storm with their brilliant songs. The band has released a brand new single titled ‘Jaanta Tha‘ and it’s already getting rave reviews from fans and celebrities from the industry.

Apart from composing some quirky original numbers, the band is also known for rendering their versions of yesteryear Bollywood numbers. And if there’s one thing we love about Sanam, it is the undeniable spark they bring to a song, whilst maintaining the magic of the original number. On this note, let’s take a look at the band’s best cover songs:
1. Lag Jaa Gale

This track was originally recorded by music director Madan Mohan, and sung by the iconic singer Lata Mangeshkar in the year 1964. Although this song has been covered by a plethora of artists, Sanam’s version is by far the best. Sanam’s rendition of this number is mellifluous. Not to forget the dim-lit setting that adds the right tone to this song. 
2. Aap Ki Nazrone Ne Samjha

The band recreated another song by the legendary duo Lata Mangeshkar and Madan Mohan. Shot in a monochrome tone, this soulful number stays true in style.
3. Ek Ladki Ko

One of R. D. Burman‘s most fantastic compositions with Javed Akhtar‘s lyrical magic, Ek Ladki Ko is one of our favorite tracks! Picturized in a scenic location, this revamped classic instantly captured our hearts. What’s more? It even has a beautiful acoustic touch to it. 
P.S. – You can also take a glimpse at Samar Puri wearing a Ghungroo dance bell on his feet, while he’s casually strumming the guitar. 
4. Ishq Bulava

Composed by Vishal & Shekhar, Ishq Bulava was originally sung by Sanam‘s lead singer – Sanam Puri. The popular band decided to do a cover of the same, delivering the same soul-stirring tone to it. This one is totally addictive. 
We can’t get over their fantastic renditions! How about you? Share your views in the comments section below.

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