Fans of electronic music are no strangers to the contempt and judgmental looks that they get while talking about their favorite music. But what most people don’t realize is that there’s more to electronic music than just EDM. Though EDM dominates the radio, there are plenty of electronic artists that are doing some good work. It’s not easy to find them, but their music makes the effort worthwhile!

So, if you want to enjoy electronic music that doesn’t sound like a pair of sunglasses thrown into a blender, look no further. Here are 5 artists who will restore your faith in electronic music.

Giorgio Moroder

For the man who practically invented electronic music as we know it, age is no bar! At 74, Moroder is still making better music than most 24-year olds. In fact, he is living proof that 74 is the new 24!

Essential Listening: 74 is the New 24, Right Here, Right Now, Diamonds

The Prodigy

There’s a reason The Prodigy is one of the most revered electronic acts of all time. And once you listen to even three of their tracks, you’ll know exactly why.

Essential Listening: The Day Is My Enemy, Smack My B!*#@ Up, Omen

Chet Faker

Looking for something between downtempo and electronica? Look no further! His smooth melodies are a refreshing change on the electronic music scene!

Essential Listening: Talk Is Cheap, 1998, No Diggity

Alice Glass

The former Crystal Castles frontwoman has branched out as a solo artist, and we couldn’t be happier. Though we will always mourn the loss of Crystal Castles, Stillbirth has made us optimistic about her solo releases!

Essential Listening: Stillbirth, Sad Eyes, Not In Love


Love pop and electronic music? Grimes offers the best of both worlds! The dreampop songstress’s songs will make you feel like you’re floating on clouds made of cotton candy. Doesn’t that sound like the best feeling ever?

Essential Listening: Go, Genesis, Oblivion

These are just five of the many artists keeping the genre alive. Which ones are your favorite?