5 Foreign Artists and Their B-town Collaboration

Bollywood songs and their music have been the backbone of Indian cinema. Many legendary artists over the years have embellished the films with their songs and music. Indian cinema is not just limited to Indian artists. In the past, we have witnessed many foreign artists collaborate with the B-town artists to give us a new flavor of music. Who would not like to listen to something unique when it comes to music? We all would love to see our favorite foreign artists dip their toes into the pool of Indian music and grace us with some good musical collaborations. 
Here are a few foreign artists who have collaborated with Bollywood in the past to give us music that we will not forget. 


Akon (Chammak Challo) – Ra. One (2011)
Chammak Challo was composed by music director duo Vishal-Shekar and everyone was surprised by the guest artist in this. It was Akon (foreign pop artist) who impressed the Indian audience by taking up the challenge of singing this song in Hindi. Full marks to Akon for doing an incredible job and winning the hearts of so many who loved this song and him. 


Snoop Dogg (Singh is King) – Singh is Kinng (2008)
Snoop Dogg has been one of the most searched artists when it comes to rap music. He is one artist who has featured with almost all the big artists and in a very short span of time and got all the popularity that one would have wished for. He collaborated with Akshay Kumar and rapped for the song 'Singh is Kinng'.


Kylie Minogue (Chiggy Wiggy) – Blue (2009)
The Australian pop sensation, Kylie Minogue sang 'Chiggy Wiggy' which was composed by A.R. Rahman. She was accompanied by Sonu Nigam who also contributed to this song. She not only sang but also was seen dancing in the movie. 


Tata Young (Dhoom Dhoom) – Dhoom (2004)
The Thai singer made her entry into Bollywood under the big banner of Yash Raj films. She was seen singing the title track for this movie. The song included English lyrics with Indian music. Tata Young was greatly appreciated for he collaboration and her work was liked by many.


Enrigue Iglesias (Heartbeat) 
Bollywood's leading playback queen, Sunidhi Chauhan has a special song under her belt that she will probably cherish forever. For a song titled 'Heartbeat', she collaborated with the Latino pop sensation, Enrique Iglesias. This song was loved by not just the Indian fans but also fans from all across the globe. 


Which of these foreign artists and their collaborations did you like the best? Let us know in your comments below.