Our favorite International music stars. We love them. We adore them. We worship them. They are all around us, from our phone wallpapers to ringtones. We have their posters adorning our walls. We download their music, buy t-shirts with their references. We love our music more than Frodo Baggins loved Samwise Gamjee. All said and done, watching them live is an exhilarating experience altogether. Over the years, India has played host to many international acts including greats like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Shakira. Still a large part of the Indian audience snivel about not being able to catch their favorite stars live. Here we list down 5 acts that should come down to India and provide a treat to their Indian fans.


1. Justin Bieber

Love him or hate him, there is no denying the fact that the ‘Baby’ hitmaker is a platinum record selling artist and crazy fangirls out there are screaming, crying, cutting, themselves for the 21 year old. We can say that the teenagers in our country would queue up for miles to buy his tickets for sure.


2. Eminem

We’ve been following the King of Hip hop since years now. Its high time he follows the route to India, and oblige all his fans who have been wearing those oversized white t-shirts.


3. Linkin Park

Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park frontman has been time and again, known to speak about his fondness for India. He has also promised to get LP to the country. Only time will tell when. We hope soon.


4. Slipknot

Which metal fan would not want to raise their double horns to The Heretic Anthem.


5. Coldplay

Probably the biggest name on the list. Coldplay songs are not just music, its music that heals. The band is just like your favorite drink. You do need a dose every now and then.


Lets all hope these guys land down soon. And we all get to Book Our Show! 

– Vikas Nopany

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