5 Powerhouse Female Rockstars!

Time to rant!
Music these days has dropped in quality. Everything is manufactured, from the songs to the image of the musician. With everyone jumping on bandwagons, riding the reality TV train to 15 mins of fame, there is a dearth of true rock talent out there. Think about it, we still have Aerosmith, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Foo Fighters ruling the roost! Where are the young guns? Is there anyone taking it to the Man? And here is the sad part of the whole rock scene, we need more female rockstars. Women who grabbed the attention of the globe and gave us songs of freedom, courage, toughness and woman power! Think about a few rockers who stood up and gave a giant middle finger to the establishment and now try to remember the women who did it? We don’t think you can… To help you out with this, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic women who shredded, howled and rocked us to our core! 
1. Janis Joplin
Queen of psychedelic rock! Number 28 on the greatest ever list, Janis Joplin made sure we “Try (a little bit harder). She even graced Woodstock 69. Here is one of her hits: 

2. Joan Jett
Do you love rock ‘n’ roll? Then you are already singing part of her song. Joan Jett made men into boys! Power vocals, killer riffs and heavy bass beat made her an instant hit. Her discography includes “Bad Reputation”, “I love Rock N Roll”, “I hate myself for Loving You” and a cover of AC/DCs “Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap”. Have a listen to this: 

3. Heart
Ann and Nancy Wilson are the lead singers of an epic band! With songs such as “Barracuda”, “Crazy on you” and “Magic Man”, Heart made us howl for more. If you doubt their awesomeness check out their cover of Led Zep’s Stairway at their Induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 

We dare you not to cry. 
4. Stevie Nicks
Member of Fleetwood Mac and awesome vocalist, Stevie Nicks has rocked generations! You might have heard her song “Edge of Seventeen” on the School of Rock soundtrack! Her vocals and stage presence made Stevie Nicks into one of the greats. Listen to this and tell us! 

5. Debbie Harry
Lead singer of Blondie, go-go dancer, Playboy Bunny and Andy Warhol’s muse, Debbie Harry has worn quite a few hats. Listen to Call me and smile… 

So that’s the short list. Tell us who else should be on this list. Leave us a comment. 
Till then rock on!

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