Make some noise for the Vengaboys! If you are a ’90s kid, you’ll understand the craze behind this Eurodance group. Though their songs might seem trite, there’s a certain zeal in their music. They are an instant mood lifter.

And guess what? The Vengabus is coming to India! Are you ready to relive the rocking ’90s? The legendary band, Vengaboys, will touch the shores of India this May. They will be performing in three cities – Mumbai, Chennai and Goa.

To kickstart the party, here are five songs by the Vengaboys that’ll instantly pump you up and also make you nostalgic.

We like to party!

We all wanted to be a part of the cool Vengabus, didn’t we?


Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!

Do you feel the groove?

We’re Going to Ibiza

Yes, Ibiza! That’s where we want to party!


Shalala lala

Remember your first crush? When your heart used to go shalalala…


Uncle John from Jamaica


"My boss just won’t give me a break
And this is more than I can take"
Story of our lives, isn’t it? If only we had a uncle in Jamaica.

So if you like to party, get on and move your body… Watch the Vengaboys live!

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