6 Wines That Somehow Make These 6 Artists Even Better


Getting the perfect blend of music and drinks is an art form by itself. With so many music festivals boasting of variety when it comes to music lovers, it is very vital that you get this combination right to enjoy the music and drinks exactly as it should. SulaFest is right around the corner and it is one of the very few fests which is meant to please all the senses of your body. Set amidst the vineyards where you get an opportunity to crush the grapes, you get to experience a variety of wines and along with that also comes a variety of music. Isn't this the perfect time to make sure that your wine matches the music you want to hear. Here are the different types of wines you can enjoy at SulaFest this year along with the artists who blend perfectly with them.

1. Riesling and Parov Stelar

This is India's first ever Riesling and its fruity aroma is a great pair when you are listening to a downtempo band like Parov Stelar. The Austrian musician's Booty Swing is a perfect match for the Riesling's sweetness.

2. Zinfandel and Amit Trivedi

Zinfandel's red lusciousness, which has a mix of flavors like cinnamon and plum require music that is a mix as well. Pick a glass of this wine and watch Amit Trivedi perform everything from rock songs to soulful numbers. You can also mix it up by getting a Zinfandel Rosé.

3. Rosé and Crystal Fighters

Rosé is one of the oldest types of wine and is incorporated with unmatched sweetness. For people who are confused between red and wine can always find themselves with a Rosé wine. You should ideally mix this wine with music which also incorporates the best of all the worlds like the Crystal Fighters.

4. Blanc and Gypsy Hill

Aged in French Oax and layered with aromas of honey and melon, your evening at Sula is incomplete without getting a taste of their limited edition Blanc. And while you get a taste of this fantastic wine, you might as well listen to the fantastic Gypsy Hill as they perform the best of their pop and rock numbers.
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5. Shiraz and Bauchklang

Some performers with their energy bring the stage down and when that happens you need to carry a glass of the limited edition of Shiraz which is crafted from handpicked grapes. Bauchklang, Bondi or Alex Ferrer make an amazing pair with this wine with their songs that complement the rich mood of Shiraz.

6. Brut and The Beat Feat. Ranking Roger

No party is complete without a glass of sparkling wine and Brut is one of the finest. You can get your dose of one when you get to see The Beat Feat. Ranking Roger performs live.

If you haven't booked your tickets yet, get them here and tell us which artist are you looking forward to the most. You can read about the entire line-up here and read more about the festival here.