The woman. The icon. The enigma.

No one can deny that Amy Winehouse was one of the biggest stars of our generation. But she never set out to be a star; Amy was just a girl who wanted to make music. This is just one of the many revelations in Asif Kapadia‘s documentary, Amy. The documentary gives us a much-needed glimpse into the life and work of Amy Winehouse. After all, though Amy is no longer with us, her music will always remain. We don’t doubt that the documentary will make you want to revisit Amy’s music. If you want to dig deeper and look beyond the hits, here are 7 covers by Amy Winehouse that you must hear:

Cupid – Sam Cooke cover

It takes a special kind of talent to cover a legend like Sam Cooke, and it takes even more finesse to do it well. Amy Winehouse‘s cover of Cupid shows us exactly why she was a class apart from all her contemporaries.

It’s My Party – Lesley Gore cover

From Carroll Baker to Alvin and the Chipmunks, a lot of people have covered this iconic song. However, no one has done it quite as well as Amy has, whose voice perfectly portrays the sadness and the heartache that made the original iconic.

There Is No Greater Love – Billie Holiday cover

With her stunning rendition of There Is No Greater Love, Amy joined the likes of Aretha Franklin, Dizzy Gillespie and Etta James. The cover sticks to the original while adding Amy’s signature touch, making it the perfect tribute to Billie Holiday.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

Amy Winehouse joined forces with Paul Weller to create this unforgettable cover. Do we even need to tell you how amazing it was? After all, if there’s two people who know how to do justice to a classic, it’s Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller.

Valerie – The Zutons cover

Calling Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse a winning combination would be a gross understatement. Ronson has produced some of the songstress’ most iconic hits, including Rehab and Back to Black. Valerie, the perfect ode to The Zutons, is no exception to the rule.

Body and Soul – Louis Armstrong cover

If there are two musicians whose styles were made for a collaboration, they’re Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse. Their cover of the Jazz classic Body and Soul is one for the history books.

Hey Little Rich Girl – The Specials

Jazz, blues, soul… And ska. Is there any genre Amy Winehouse couldn’t do justice to? If her cover of Hey Little Rich Girl is any indication, the answer is a resounding no!