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7 Solos That Prove That Slash Is a Guitar God

Everybody loves Slash! From his legendary peers to musicians all over the world who probably picked up the guitar after watching this man on TV rocking out with that signature hat on and a cigarette between his lips. There wouldn’t be too many people who might have an unkind word to say about this man’s contribution to rock n’ roll with his guitar. So, imagine our joy when we heard that the guitar legend is coming to India. We’ve waited for so long, but these last few weeks leading up to the gig are going to be the most excruciating. Till then, let’s revisit some of Slash’s finest moments with Guns n’ Roses, shall we? Here are 7 epic songs that will remind you exactly why he is an undisputed Guitar God:

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

A few too many artists have covered this popular Bob Dylan song. The GnR cover though probably is the most popular of them all. Axl Rose and Slash made this song their own.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Let’s just get this one out of the way. After all, no list of noteworthy guitar solos would be complete without Sweet Child O’ Mine, would it? That opening riff! You know it, you just do.

Welcome to the Jungle

There’s a reason why Appetite for Destruction is one of the most legendary albums of all time. Welcome to the Jungle, our favorite track on it has brilliance written all over the song.

Don’t Cry

There’s something about Don’t Cry. You know you can singalong to every word with Axl Rose but then again you can actually sing out loud that gorgeous Slash solo as well.

November Rain

November Rain doesn’t just feature some of Slash’s finest works, it’s epic; the song sounds huge. That outro!

Fall to Pieces

There’s no better way to describe the Fall to Pieces solo than using the word "beautiful". The live version of the track at the Guitar Center Sessions shows us that Slash’s intricate work with an acoustic guitar.


The hook at the beginning of Estranged? It stays with you. You hum it, you whistle it; it stays. One of GnR’s longest songs is one of the band’s very best. Blame the winning team of Axl Rose and Slash.