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Singer Arijit Singh has become a household name in India and has been winning hearts since he broke into the mainstream Bollywood music scene. His melodious voice full of emotions paired with beautiful lyrics makes you want to listen to his songs on loop. The great part about his songs is that anybody can relate to them. That voice! Oh, that sweet sweet voice will make your heart flutter!

Here we have compiled a list of Arijit songs that every corporate employee can relate to. 

1. When the weekend is over:
The best part about working for any employee is the weekend. Oh yes, the two days of pure bliss! The minute you leave your office on Friday, the party starts. You party hard throughout the night and wake up on Saturday with a crazy hangover, promising yourself never to repeat what you did the previous night. But hey, who are we fooling? Come next weekend, you are back to doing just the same!

Right when you are finally giving your body the rest that it needs after a long week of work comes the dreaded Monday! That's when you realize how you take the weekend for granted and just how much you miss it. Arijit's song Channa Mereya seems like the perfect track for this situation. How, you ask? Play this song on a Monday on your way to work and you will know.

2. When you wait for the weekend aka Fri-yay:

You wait, you wait and you wait some more…

3. When the boss loves your colleague more than you:
No matter what your boss says, they will always have a favorite employee. You may be the one on whom the major tasks are dumped and when you feel helpless, you just want to tell your boss this:

4. When you develop a crush on your colleague:

No matter how hard you try to not enter the path of hell, aka crush-land, you will be sucked into it at some point. It could be a teammate, a person from another department – you never know where this god-forsaken path will take you. But once you enter this, there is no stopping you. Crush-land is as addictive as Candy Crush (yes, now don't deny playing it). And of course, the melody king has a song for this too:

5. When your crush talks about resigning:
Oh God, why? Whyy!!!

6. The day your crush leaves office:

*goes to the washroom and sobs for an hour* *two hours* *sobbing continues*

7. When it's the 15th of broke-uary and you can't deal with having no money in your pocket anymore:

Every salaried employee knows money comes and money goes, and it happens way too fast!

8. When you understand the importance of money in your life:

Nothing in life feels right without cash or chillar. At this point, chillar feels like a treasure, bruh!

9. Ching ching! Salary day!

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Arijit plays this song for you while you look at your bank balance:

10. When you realize that the happy days will end and you will once again be broke:

11. Annual appraisal:

Every employee, before joining a firm, has one very important question for the HR – Madam! Appraisal time? Because appraisal is life.

This incredible singer who all can relate to at some point in their life is on a nation wide tour and you shouldn't miss the chance to witness him live! If you want to see him perform he is just a click away.  Booking link is right here: