With the likes of Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and many more in your New Year Party playlist, you begin to wonder if there’s more music out there. Obscure yet beautiful, unheard of but hooks you on, stuff you can play on your iPod, stuff that takes you away from all the hustle and bustle of the usual brand of music that plays at your local TV/Radio station. Well, here’s a list of artists that I have stumbled upon. A list of superb musicians. Most of which, you probably may not have heard.  And yes, you can thank me later…

The Wicked Whispers

Retro Sunglasses – Check. Hippie Pants – Check. Floral, bright, loud shirt – Check. A cigarette in on hand and a beer in another – Check!

Yes, that’s what this band is all about. If you loved The Doors, you sure as hell would love ‘em too. Their song Dandelion Eyes will hit you like a nice gust of wind on a warm summer’s day. Though, very Doors-esque, this band has a certain tinge of freshness that gives the sound a whole new meaning. Exquisite harmonies and what I’d like to call – melancholically melodic, in a good way. A band, I hope will make it very big!

The Sundowners

Guitar pop, women vocal harmonies and music that is sublime yet timeless! This kinda music could have pretty much been played in any decade and would have won accolades. Their song – Humming Bird has this nice, jumpy, suave feel to it. Very nicely done.


Plan B
Soul, a whole lotta RnB, hip-hop and a good amount of funk. The perfect concoction  for good music. Yes, we had Flipsyde but they are nowhere close.

Plan B is the kind of band you would want to listen to no matter what mood you are in. Sinfully nice melodies, lyrically quite good and voices that have a tinge of sweet emotion injected in them. Their song She Said has got all the elements a good song needs. Soul, groove and lotsa funk. A band you should definitely have on your playlist.


Words fall short to describe this band. A delectable mixture of swing and hip-hop, this Swedish group has the music that will have you up and dancing in lesser than 10 seconds. Their debut album – Äppelknyckarjazz literally translates to – Apple scrumping/swiper Jazz! Not to mention, the small little jazz elements their songs have adds the much-needed spice in music. A song you MUST have on your playlist – Fel Del Av Garden! Go groove, people!


This is a band that probably will grow on you. You may not like it the first time around but then it grows on you.  The vocals are not something you may really love but then along with the song his voice grows on you. Lyrically brilliant, melodically superb, this band is a must-listen!


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