Artists that should tour together

Bread and butter, shoes and socks, milk and cookies – Some things work best in pairs. This is also the case with bands, some of whom are best enjoyed together. Though collabs are great, no one can deny that the live experience is unparalleled. And what’s better than seeing your favorite band live? Seeing them with acts that complement them, of course! We got to thinking about these duos, and here are 5 tours that we’d love to attend:

MGMT + Tame Impala


With tracks like 
Solitude is Bliss and 4th Dimensional Transition, these two bands have been behind some of the trippiest music of the last few years. And they’re friends, so a collaborative jam isn’t out of the question. There’s no way this tour would be anything less than mind-blowing!

The Black Keys + The White Stripes


All piano jokes aside, there have been very few bands that complement each other as well as The Black Keys and The White Stripes. Both bands have played integral parts in bringing lo-fi sounds to the mainstream, and a White Stripes reunion certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Portugal. The Man + Bon Iver


Pure and unadulterated bliss. That’s what this tour would bring us. Either of their divine melodies, combined with the soul-stirring lyrics, would make for a religious experience just by themselves. Put both bands together, and you have ecstasy!

Grimes + Alice Glass


Pop and electronic music are often looked down upon for being meaningless or devoid of emotion. If there’s two musicians that beg to differ, they are Grimes and Alice Glass. Grimes’ music is electropop at its finest. When combined with Glass; haunting electronic tunes, this tour might just convert people!

St. Vincent + Sleater-Kinney


What’s better than one bad-a#$ female musician? Four, of course! Watching St. Vincent and Sleater-Kinney on the same tour would be nothing short of a riot grrrl revival. We need this to happen!

These are just 5 joint tours we’d love to attend. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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