“Table mein raakho plate, arre don’t worry about your weight,
life mein daalo spice, khao chicken fried rice…. NICE”

It’s been just two months, we’ve going to the gym regularly. All Thanks to Baba Sehgal’s “Going to the gym”. But now, the rapper is back with another addictive song “Chicken Fried Rice”. Yes, it’s a song dedicated to our favorite Chinese food!

Baba Sehgal’s songs never fails to amuse us. Whether it’s Thanda Thanda Pani or Dil Dhadke, Baba Sehgal’s funky songs have been entertaining us since the early 90s. And this was way before Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Here are five reasons why you should eat Chicken Fried Rice, according to Baba Sehgal!

1. This is one food item, after vada pav that you’ll get anywhere. From dingy little street shop to a swanky restaurant, Chicken Fried Rice is everywhere!

2. Too broke, too tired and too hungry? Chicken Fried Rice to the rescue! It’s cheap, tasty and yes, you get it everywhere.

3. It’s easy to cook. Just add some spice, rice and chicken! The Baba Sehgal way!

4. If you’re worrying about your diet “Tension mat lena, isme protein bhi hai na…” says Baba. And mind it, he’s not telling lies, ’cause he’s banda very nice!

5. If you’re sad, Chicken Fried Rice can lift up your spirits! Just make sure Baba Sehgal’s song is playing in the background. Mama, mama…pump it yay!

For every Chicken Fried Rice and Baba Sehgal fans here’s the song:

The lyrics are absolutely crazy! But, the song will leave you craving for some piping hot Chicken Fried Rice!