Two of the most famed qawwali Singer in the Sufi style, Ghulam Sabir Nizami and Ghulam Waris Nizami are very popular amongst the qawwali lovers in the country. They belong to the fabled Sikandrabad Gharana, which gave Indian music, stars such as Ustad Qudratulla Khan Sahab & Ustad Kifayatullah Khan Sahab. Having learnt their art from the late Ustad Wahid Hussain Khan Sahab, they have the vocal art running through their family tree. Having started their training since childhood, these brothers are two of the most sought after Qawwali singers in India. They have performed not only in India but have toured all over the Gulf, Africa, England, Spain, Sri Lanka & other Europen countries too.A form of Sufi devotional music, qawwali music dates back to more than seven hundred years. This music was originally performed in shrines across South Asia. Amir Khusro Dehlavi , Delhi’s Sufi saint is credited with merging Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Indian musical traditions in the late 13th century to create the qawwali music as we know today. Typically a group of qawwali musicians consists of a group of eight to nine men. One of them is a lead singer and the others most often carry small musical instruments which fit easily in the hand. Due to its increasing popularity and its soothing aftermath, qawwali as a form of music has received acceptance world over.The most popular artists in this genre of music, ‘The Nizami Brothers’ are now coming to Mumbai with a live show at the very popular Rang Sharda auditorium. The audiences will be able to enjoy this soulful form of music while the celebrated Nizami brothers take them on a yet another musical high. Rang Sharda auditorium has been a popular place in Mumbai which hosts live and memorable events like these. Tickets to this event are already up for grabs on popular platforms like BookMyShow.The magic of Sufi music is soon going to be recreated. Get ready to immerse yourself in it only at the ‘Sufi Qawwali with Nizami Brothers’!