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Celebs Who Think They Can DJ

We live in an era, where almost everybody and their mother is a DJ. Whether you're a writer or even a waiter, you can still moonlight as a DJ. Truth is, it is easy to be a DJ. But to be a good DJ? Or an exceptional DJ? That will take years of practice and true dedication. But today, let's just talk about DJs, regardless of whether they're good or bad.

Celebrities often foray into whatever field they desire, and think they'll succeed just because they're famous. So, some of them become DJs. Well, at least some of them are relevant – musicians Justin Timberlake and Joe Jonas are also DJs. Then there are a few drama queens who think they can throw down. Depending on what music you're into, and the state you're in, who knows, you might end up enjoying their set.

A few TV actors love showing off their DJ skills and know how to spin. Some of them include Ruby Rose (the badass Stella Carlin from Orange is the New Black), RJ Mitte (Walter White's son from Breaking Bad), Danny Masterson (the dude from That 70s Show), Kristian Nairn (the beloved Hodor from Game of Thrones) and Pauly D (from reality show Jersey Shore). Even Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious series) knows how to get furious behind the decks. Today, we feature five celebs who have become DJs, out of nowhere. Respect to the ones who are true to themselves!

Bobby Deol
Our darling Bobby played Gupt on loop at one of Delhi's biggest nightclubs. This sparked an outrage amongst the attendees who demanded refunds. Wait a second, what exactly were they expecting in the first place?

Arjun Rampal
He owned a club called Lap in Delhi, where he'd play regularly. As an attendee of his gig, I can tell you that while his mixing skills are strictly okay, but it is his track selection that works for him. He came on at 2:30 a.m. and played techno music for an hour, much to the dismay of everyone else around me, who expected Bollywood and EDM.

Paris Hilton
Another woman with many feathers in her Gucci hat. Easily the busiest DJ on this list, she still gets booked all around the world. Could it be? Is she actually good? Nope, but she earns upto one million dollars for each set and there's nothing you can do about it.

Elijah Wood
Our beloved Hobbit from The Lord of the Rings series, now aims to become the lord of the discs. Together with his friend Zach Cowie, they formed Wooden Wisdom and have toured around the world. Last year, he threw down at Trilogy in Mumbai.

Vir Das
The comedian is a man of many talents. He has his own band, called Alien Chutney, which perfectly blends comedy and rock music. He ended up playing an opening set for arguably the world's biggest DJ – Hardwell, when he toured India.

Have you had the chance to catch any of their sets? What did you really think of them? Let us know in the comments below.