When we talk about Folk Rock music, the first name that comes to our mind is ‘Euphoria‘ – a name which is synonymous with almost every 90s Indie-Rock music-lover. In its 25 years of ‘Euphoric’ existence, the band proved that embracing and experimenting with a variety of tones, structures, and sounds can upshot exceptionally good music. With its catchy tunes and joyful lyrics, Euphoria is adored by the youth.
And it all started one fine day…

The Birth
The band was hatched in the campus of UCMS in Delhi way back in 1988. Few ambitious guys lead by Palash Sen – then just a Little Doc Boy – performed their first gig on March 8 in a quaint auditorium. Little did the professors and the fellow students know that one day this band was going to perform in almost all the reputed institutions of the country.

Early days
The band which is now riding ecstatic waves of musical phenomenon was a little confused back then while choosing a band name. The brainchild of the band, Palash Sen even considered the medical terms ‘Diarrhoea’ and ‘Gonorrhoea’ for the band. Thankfully it never happened! Like every other newbie, Euphoria too had its share of struggle. From printing posters to selling tickets for a mere price of Rs. 20, Euphoria took its first baby steps in the Indian Rock music scene.

Hey, what’s that band?
The band performed its first major gig on August 10, 1989 at AIFACS auditorium, Delhi. They rocked on for solid three hours in their first original composition ‘Eat you up alive.’ But they were yet to get their major breakthrough.

The ‘cute’ Rockstars
Girls were going bonkers with this new band in the town (they still are). Euphoria rocked almost all the campuses – IIT, AIMS, JMC, JCMS… the list goes on. With their second original composition, ‘Lovin’ you is a crime’ a hit, the band had begun to solely focus on original compositions. And guess what, they already started having their own steady fanbase! In 1992, Benjamin Pinto aka Benny and Debajyoti Bhadri aka DJ joined the band.

The HindRock Revolution
The year was 1994. Though Euphoria was now a pretty known band among college students, it still strove for an identity. Quite randomly, the Doc decided to do rock in Hindi. And thus, the term HindRock (a unique combination of Indian and Western music) came into being. Their first song, Sha Na Na Na was a complete crowd-pleaser.

And then the Nation went Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom
Euphoria unveiled the much-anticipated album Dhoom on October 10, 1998. The song ‘Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom‘ which also featured Shubha Mudgal drove the Nation crazy. Everyone grooved to the rock beats with a desi twist and they definitely wanted more.

What’s your Mantra?
Euphoria was creating Dhoom across the nation. They launched their second album, Phir Dhoom (2000) featuring the hit single Maeri, beautifully shot in Haryana. They also performed in United Nation’s General Assembly on its 56th Anniversary (2001) along with the Pakistani band, Junoon. One day a friend of Palash Sen asked his mantra of success, and Palash replied "My mantra of success is love." This yielded India’s first-ever standalone single ‘Mantra‘ which was a huge success.

Aana Meri Gully
On the Christmas day of 2002, the third album ‘Gully‘ was launched. Vidya Balan took everyone’s breath away in the video ‘Aana meri gully‘ and it was certainly a launchpad for the diva. In 2002, Euphoria fans got to see a different side of the band’s lead singer Palash Sen. He starred in Meghna Gulzar’s film, Filhaal, also starring Tabu, Sushmita Sen and Sanjay Suri. Though the movie got mix reviews, Palash Sen added another feather to his cap.

Line-Up change and Reincarnation
In 2010, the fans of Euphoria were up for a shock. The band’s longstanding members, Benjamin Pinto and Hitesh Madan were asked to leave the band by Palash Sen due to some personal differences. A major setback, but Sen never gave up. In late 2010, Euphoria created music for Malayalam film, Best of Luck. They also did three gigs in San Francisco, LA and Seattle. In 2011, the band launched its fifth album, Item. They also made an appearance in MTV’s Unplugged and performed ‘Item‘ and ‘C U Later‘ from the new album. Amborish ‘Ambo’ Saikia and Vinayak ‘Vin’ Gupta joined the band and gave its music a total makeover. Yes! Euphoria was back with a bang!

Getting Spiritual
Euphoria never fails to surprise its fans. In 2012, the band released its Devotional/Spiritual album, Sharnaagat. And it ROCKS! The title track Sharnaagat directed by Palash Sen and was shot in the premises of a Temple, Mosque, Church and a Gurudwara in Delhi. The song is unusually melodious and beautiful.

The nine-member (Debajyoti Bhaduri ‘DJ’ on bass, Rakesh Bhardwaj and Prashant Trivedi on dholak and tabla, Vinayak Gupta ‘Vin’ on Keys, Amborish Saikia ‘Ambo’ on the guitars and Vaishali Barua, Krutika Muralidhran and Kamakshi on the back ups and finally Palash Sen) band continues to create awesome HindRock music. The fervent voice of Palash Sen and his talented band members never fails to amuse the listener. And they are without doubt India’s most-loved band!

The band is performing at Nityaksh’ 14 organized by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bengaluru on Jan 14. Discover your Mantra of life with Euphoria!

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