Happy Birthday Brian May

With a generation of brilliant guitar players we have grown up to, one guitar player that always comes to mind as great is Brian May. Brian May, as most of us know, was the lead guitar player of the legendary band Queen. Most music lovers associate Queen with the epic and elegant Freddie Mercury but we should not forget the brilliance of Brian May. He, after all, composed the one song that pretty much all generations have heard – We Will Rock You.
His guitar playing, if you are into that, is very different than most of the other guitar players around. His solos comprised a lot of chord embellishments that was lined by a particularly crisp tone. Not to mention, his usage of a sixpence coin rather than a plectrum. Brian got the Royal Mint to make these specialized coins according to his liking.
Here are 5 songs that you must listen to from a Brian May perspective:

Bohemian Rhapsody – A song that starts off beautifully. A song that has Freddie Mercury singing like a god. And then suddenly arrives a riff followed by “So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye”. What a powerful song! The riff will stay in your head for a long time.

Innuendo – A very slow song to begin with and then Brian May shows all his guitar prowess during the solo. This has, in my opinion, got to be one of the best solos in the World of Rock N’ Roll.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – This song is guaranteed to give you the blues all the way till your shoes. A song that pretty much everyone in the world of Jive has heard off.

I Want To Break Free – The song! The solo. Words cannot describe the solo. The solo just attacks your musical sweet spot from nowhere.

We Will Rock You – Who can forget this song? The chord embellishment solo in this song is brilliant.

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