Hardwell – Five songs you must listen to!

When you think of Electronic Dance Music, there is one name that always comes to mind. That name is none other than Hardwell. Already having performed in India before, this man is coming back again to set the dance floors of Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore on fire. Watching him live is something you do not want to miss.

In case you love to dance and you have only a vague idea of Hardwell, we recommend you give these songs a listen:

A song that you should listen to with your eyes closed and feet moving. A song that will “space” you out and we do not mean it in the wrong way. Super fun this song is. Even if you’re alone you can dance to glory!


This song starts out a little mellow. Mellow, not slow and then later you’ll find yourself dancing like a possessed monkey! What a song!


How We Do:
This song features Showtek. And they’ve done a bloody good job together! A lot of energy and a whole lotta adrenalin pumping! This will lift your spirits in ways that you cannot imagine.


This song features the beautiful voice of Amba Shepherd. Her voice adds a whole new meaning to the song. This song is something that is associated with a lot of feelings and though, this might not be something you may want to shake a leg on, this song is definitely one of Hardwell’s best.


Where Have You Been:
This is the mix of Rihanna’s song! This soulful song has been given a whole different dimension by Hardwell. With all the electronica in the song, this is also a song that will stir up your mind but also your body.


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