A master’s console. Some peppy music. A combination of wicked beats & trippy melodies which work oh-so-well. A man who has turned his passion into a pure wall of sound. A man who has been credited with creating an all new sonic experience just by picking musical elements and fusing them together.

Welcome to the world created by DJ SA.

Growing up as a normal kid, he just thought that he needed to make his mark on the planet. After listening to Eminem’s seminal album, he found his calling. Supported by his dear ol’ mum (bless them, for they put up with mad genius), he struck out to make his fortune. From playing at parties to empty clubs and struggling to make it big, DJ SA has never forgotten where he comes from. He has opened for Charmillionaire, Akon, Sean Kingston and Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, just to name a few. Now he has decided to be a voice for hip-hop in India and a revival is almost here.

If you listen to his music sometime, you’ll be awestruck at how he easily combines the lyrical dexterity with the melody & tunes of trance. Now this king of Hip Hop is coming with his latest offering- Uncensored. Having taken hip hop music to an all new level in this country, this is going to be an impressive music concert by this popular DJ. His appearances in popular events like NH7 has only just added to his popularity & fan following. The event is going to be held at Blue Frog in Mumbai, a popular joint amongst the city’s young. Known for it its amazing ambience, it will indeed be a perfect venue to host the king of hip hop. With tickets available on popular platforms like BookMyShow, it time you gear up for Uncensored ft Dj SA ! Get grooving in the pulsating beats of his music, while you forget the world and find yourself.