Hopping His Way To Musical Glory: Raghu Dixit

Statutory Warning: If you are thinking of listening to The Raghu Dixit Project be sure to do it in an open space. Because his music is such that it’ll make you ‘hop pi pi Hey olay-hop pi hop pi hey olay’

Raghu Dixit’s music is like the fresh air you breathe on a mountain top after days of living in a polluted city. Raghu and his band of talented musicians have embraced folk music, the music of the people. In Raghu’s words, "I haven’t learned music traditionally, neither has a farmer singing a song in a field or a taxi driver driving through Bangalore. We’re all untrained musicians, and singing a song, because it’s innate, is a basic instinct.’
RDP has successfully broken free from the shackles of "sellable" music and created a sound that’s unique, fresh, alive. 
His attire that consists of his trademark lungi, ghungroos and a colorful kurti gives hints of his musical background. Coming from a traditional South Indian family, Raghu trained as a Bharatnatyam dancer. 
However, his first breakthrough came in the most unexpected way. When working as a pharmaceutical researcher in Belgium, his landlord discovered his music and sent it to a local radio station. Dixit was invited on air, performed and instantly connected with the locals. He received a huge number of emails from people saying that they loved his music. That is the kind of connect Dixit makes through his performances, his music is global and beyond language and culture. 
Another breakthrough in his career was when he wrote the score for two Kannada films (Kannada is Dixit’s native language). Both these scores granted him a mass appeal and popularity in his home state. 
Dixit’s non-Bollywood sounds were loved by Vishal-Shekhar who heard him perform at Zenzi in Bombay in 2007. They offered Raghu the break he needed and his self-titled album became a top-seller in the non-Bollywood category in India. It also became number one on iTunes World Music charts in the UK, and numero uno on Amazon UK’s Movers and Shakers list. 
The Raghu Dixit Project has toured North America twice and played at prestigious festivals including the Lovebox Festival (2009), The WOMAD, Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals in the UK in 2011.
He made his debut in Bollywood as a music director for the 2011 film, Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (the second film from the Y-Films banner).

If you haven’t got a chance to hear RDP live yet, here’s your chance to be part of his ‘Masti Ki Basti’ at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender this year. 

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