John Williams turns 85 today. This is the composer whose music has been pervasive in the modern pop culture. You may or may not know his name, but we guarantee that you have heard his iconic music. The composers often get lost among the various crew involved in making movies, but there's no doubt John Williams has created music for series that we can't disassociate from the movies. He has mastered the art of influencing emotions with music, providing us auditory cues for what we should expect before we see it on the screen. On his birthday, let's look at the most popular movies he has provided the score for. 

Harry Potter

Remember the theme music of Harry Potter you hear at the beginning of movies? It's called Hedwig's Theme. The theme and its variations have been used in all the eight Harry Potter movies. 

Star Wars

John Williams also created the intergalactic music for the Star Wars franchise. His most famous tune from the series is Darth Vader's theme, known as The Imperial March

Indiana Jones

This was yet another successful movie franchise he composed the music for. John Williams showed us that he could even compose action adventure movies with no sweat off his back. 

Jurassic Park

Remember Jurassic Park? He has composed the theme music for the adventurous dinosaur movies that we have all loved. The music conveys a range of emotions from admiration to fear, changing for the worse as the plot goes forward. 


Jaws is another classic movie with a classic theme that we will forever associate with the sharks. The perfect music for creating the dread suitable for the movie was also created by none other than John Williams. 

This list doesn't come close to covering the many iconic movies blessed with the musical genius of the composer. His other notable works include E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialSupermanSchindler's ListHome Alone and War of the Worlds. We're exhausted just listing it. He is still composing memorable music, his latest score being that for the touching children's movie, The BFG. We look forward to hearing more iconic pieces composed by him in the years to come.