I am someone who isn't particularly a fan of Justin Bieber, what I am more familiar with, is the hate and mockery that is attached to him and his music. Social media, especially Facebook is full mockery filled references to Justin Bieber. And this mockery is being accepted as a given. However, this doesn't seem to affect his fan base.

Bieber is a rave amongst both tweens and pre-tweens. He can be safely called as the biggest pop star to be launched by YouTube. 

When Bieber competed in "Stratford Idol" he was only 13 years. It is during this time that he tasted fame for the first time with over 10 million views on YouTube and was officially signed by Usher.

On Twitter, his name was tweeted 84, 846 times in one day, proving his solid hold on the "trending topics" list.

But how did the Justin Beiber phenomena come along?

It all started with the marketing campaign that Beiber's single mother Pattie Mallette undertook. After Beiber's stint at Stratford Star, she began posting videos of her son singing at home. Justin covered songs by Chris Brown, Usher and Ne-Yo. His videos were watched by Scott Braun who was consulting for Akon on a project. He was highly impressed by Justin and tracked down Justin, within weeks he became Justin's manager.

Scott introduced Justin to Usher who eventually became his pop mentor. Scott made Justin the first artist to become a huge mainstream superstar with a firm grip on the Internet and not on anything else. According to him Justin's fan relate to him because of Twitter. Justin Bieber exists because of them, they made him what he is. The moment he stops twittering they will feel that they've lost that kid from YouTube that invited them into his living room.

Bieber fanatics are comprise of the adolescent group that have innocent notions of romance. Bieber's music which is about innocent crushes' and love is something with which these 12-13-year-olds directly connect with. His fans have even shown their willingness to help market him on social media, which fuel his sales as well as his fame.

Justin is prompt with his responses on social media. If someone tweets tagging him, "@justinbieber Do u respond to a simple I Love You? :)" he tweets back saying, "I love u 2…i love all u ladies :)."

The effort is small but this very effort has helped him create immeasurable rewards. Fans who've received even the least bit of attention have turned around and encouraged others to buy his albums and post messages about him, thus keeping in the limelight always.

Justin Beiber is 19 today and has a built a niche for himself for a certain age group but will he be able to sustain it even when he turns 35 or would he need a career shift or would it be too late then? He probably would have amassed enough wealth by then to live a lavish life and continue the rest of his life as a mentor to another Justin Bieber.