If anyone was to compile a list of the most influential pop singers today, then you would find Justin Bieber at the top of the list. The pop star has garnered a huge fan following for himself. And for a variety of reasons, he is a very polarizing personality. Since his debut in the year 2009, Justin Bieber has been breaking records left and right. With so much surrounding the pop star, it is no surprise that you find him in the news all the time. Owing to that, let's go through some of the milestones that the much-loved music persona has garnered over the years.

Over the years, Justin Bieber has released four albums, and each has gone on to be a massive hit. Here's a list of his albums.

Justin Bieber has released four studio albums
My World 2.0 (2010)
Under The Mistletoe (2011)
Believe (2012)
Purpose (2015)

The only artist to have four LPs debut at number 1!
All of the four LPs by Bieber debuted at number one. It is an accomplishment that Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Usher couldn't achieve.

His remixes made it to the top
Besides having his four albums chart as chart-toppers, Bieber also had two of his remix albums on the top.
From the album Never Say Never, the Remixes went to chart at number one and the same was the case for Believe (Acoustic), which came out in January 2013.

Amazing sales figures
All of Justin Bieber’s studio albums have been certified as platinum.
His fourth studio album, 'Purpose', has been the most streamed album in a week on the music streaming platform Spotify.

The most played song on Spotify in a week
Not only his album, but also his track “What do you mean?“ was streamed 30,723,708 times over a period of seven days. Now that's something.

Love overseas and the UK
Justin Bieber's act was the first that occupied all of the top three positions on the singles chart in the United Kingdom. Justin Bieber found exceptional success in other parts of the world, specifically in the United Kingdom, with his records.

Justin Bieber for sure deserves the success that he has amassed and while this post can go on for eternity, documenting everything that the pop star has accomplished, the fact of the matter is that he will be performing in India, Mumbai, on the 10th of May for his Purpose World Tour. So, you better be there to witness his greatness, in the flesh.

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