I Remember
The track features deadmau5 along with Kaskade. The song has a very Chicane-esque feel to it and has a lot of soul. This song has the tendency to make the listener immerse into a world of serenity and peace. A must listen if you want to calm down.

Featuring the mesmerizing voice of Mindy Gedhill, this song will take you on journey into your own soul. The lyrics go “Look into my eyes” and every time you hear this song there is one part of you that will go soul searching.

The intro of this song is quite trippy, to say the least and then starts a voice that is haunting and yet is so beautiful at the same time. The song progresses slowly and steadily and WHAM, blows you away. The beauty of this song is the subtlety of it all – the voice, the music and yes, the trippiness!

Turn It Down
The song starts off with a really jumpy beat added to some really well-synthesized samples. Thing about this song is – It takes you up, goes low and then brings you back up again. That’s something a lot of modern day tracks will not have. What else can you ask?

Fire In Your New Shoes
For a song to be soulful and up tempo at the same time is difficult. Kaskade, with Fire In Your New Shoes, has made it look as easy as devouring a chocolate cake. This is a track that can be described in two words: Soul-stirring & foot-tapping.

These songs are just some of his best. The more you listen to this exemplary artist, the more you get addicted to his music.

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