Madonna. Love her or hate her. She is THE queen of pop. ‘Unapologetic’ is one word that describes her best. All her flashing, f – bombing, ‘I keep the world at the edge of my jimmy choo’ lifestyle cant deny one fact that she would make one hell of a mom. (All upto you, how you take it) Apart from the truckloads of moolah, here are 7 things that would happen if Madonna was your mom.

1. No Yo Mama jokes

No one aint pointing a finger at your momma, when she be looking like this.

2. There would be so much blood in your alcohol system.


The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Madonna created a furore on social media when she posted a picture of her 14 year old with booze on New Years Eve. The amount of alcohol in the picture was enough to put a horse tranquilizer to shame.

3. Daddy Buddy

Keeping in mind Madonna’s dating antics, you’d probably have a dad your age.

4. Who’s your daddy now?

Also, she will ensure that you have a new answer every few months whenever someone asks you the question, “Who’s your daddy now?”

5. Hide your wardrobe.

The fact that Madonna is as fit as a fiddle and has the body of a youngster is no secret. The upside of having her as your mom is that you can share her envy inducing wardrobe. But then, when the tables turn, The Queen doesnt share, she steals. So you’ll have to keep your favorites in the wardrobe hidden.

6. The Birds and the bees

There’ll be no awkwardness whatever while discussing the birds and the bees. She’ll just pass you a copy of her illustrated 1992 coffee table book, very lucidly titled – Sex.

7. The genes

Last but not the least, you’d have her goddamn genes. The ones that make you age backwards. The ones that make you a rebel in the truest sense of the word. The ones that make everyone want to be you.

Putting the ‘Ma’ in Madonna, here is what we feel it would be like to take her legacy forward. Have any other star that would fit the bill?
Post them in the comments section below.

Vikas Nopany

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