Mika Singh

Mika Singh Live In Concert – An Experience

Mika Singh is one of the most widely popular artists in India. His collaborations with Yo Yo Honey Singh have given chart bursting results and to be able to watch Mika Singh Live In Concert can only be one of the most amazing things to do! His hits include the insanely foot thumping Desi Boys, Gandi Baat, Duma Dum Mast Kalandar among many many others which seem to have taken the nation by storm. You shouldn't be surprised if he is all you hear playing at a Bollywood night any given time at a disco! He is one of the most versatile singers we have had and his party tracks are always looked forward to. He, in association with Yo Yo Honey Singh have created a kind of magic which forces you to start grooving to the beat.

Mika Singh, as widely as he is loved, he has also found himself in the middle of many contoversies. One of the biggest one involved the wannabe starlet and a motormouth at that, Rakhi Sawant. Years ago, Mika has allegedly forcibly kissed Rakhi and the item number queen has made a huge hue and cry about it. While it eventually died down the two still remain at war with each other and do not speak kindly about each other in interviews. This however, was a huge leap forward for Mika who came to be known in every household. The fact that he is talented is only a plus with people swearing by his amazing party tracks!

Mika Singh Live In Concert is one of those events you have to attend once in your lifetime. To groove to Bollywood music in its rawest and most popular form. Brazen lyrics laced into a rhythm that make you want to shed away all inhibitions and dance, and a voice so powerful and playful at the same time! Not a bad deal to spend your time at. Just enter the event in your best glittering dress an dance shoes which will take you through a long night of dancing till it hurts to take a step! What is life without a little bit of Bollywood to groove on? What is life without some invigorating music, and lots of glamour in tow! Dab your eyes with some disco eye make up to add your own drama to the party an dance away as Mika Singh serenades you into a night full of an energetic vibe!