An Ode to the Mozart of Music

Roja, Bombay, Rangeela, Taal, Lagaan, Swades, Jodha Akbar, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, Ghajini; these films with diverse storylines, different filmmakers and distinct genres have an immensely strong resemblance and it happens to be driven by its music director who is a connecting thread. Folklore mixed with music, spirituality and mysticism is what Rahman is all about. Traditional and Western fused to give beautiful compositions is the signature of Rahman. This Isai Puyal(music storm) needs no introduction, his compositions speak for who Allah Rakha Rahman is!

Not just a musician but Madras’ Mozart is much more, a homemaker to begin with. At the age of 9 after having lost his father, he dropped out of school and became the bread earner for his family. His worries as a child when he found solace in music, he conquered the unexpected. Father’s inspirations and mother’s encouragement is what made him a musician, he said in an interview. In an award ceremony, when he accredited his award to his mother saying, “Mere paas maa hai”, his love for his family became lucid. Although, music has been a priority, he makes sure he spends time with his family and children, especially.

The music of this magic man, creeps up your spine leaving a hauntingly beautiful effect with the beats that makes one tap their feet. Not only a qualified and acclaimed music composer, Rahman, as a singer, has the ability to inspire you. His supple voice has immense conviction and will definitely make you stand up and raise your voice against unjust. Felicitating Rahman with his praise, Australian filmmaker, Baz Luhrmann, once said, “A. R. Rahman’s music always possesses a profound sense of humanity and spirit; qualities that inspire me the most”. And, Luhrmann is not the only one with praises for Rahman. Time magazine called him a proficient music composer and cataloged him in the list of World’s Most Influential People.

Rahman believes that he is not much of a performer which is one reason why he sticks to composing. But from the early days, Rahman has performed with renowned Indian musicians. Right from coordinating to starting his own band, Rahman has always been a performer. His expertise with music earned him the honor to perform in White House State dinner organized by President Barack Obama himself. His love for music is such that silence forms his strength, he absorbs from silence and sufism greatly influences his compositions. Sufism has sifted Rahman’s life immensely as he went on to convert himself to Islam from A.S.Dileep Kumar became A.R. Rahman. This was only a religious move that Rahman took. Be it Ek tu he bharosa (Pukar), O Palanhare (Lagaan), Khwaja mere khwaja (Jodha Akbar), Man Mohana (Jodha Akbar) or Kun Fa ya Kun(Rockstar) his compositions retain spirituality irrespective of his choices. They are not just compositions but spiritual talks with the inner self.

Being one of the world’s top selling recording artists, Rahman garners love and applause for the epitome of talent he is. Vouching for this is, his first soundtrack, Roja‘s appearance in Time magazine’s list of “10 Best Soundtracks” and, we believe, this is just one film composition listed, there are a thousand more which can be accounted to be the best!

Music has to flow, music has to be happy, both the performer and the composer have to be happy about it and,spontaneity is the thing-A.R.Rahman

This man will age to be celebrated as an epic and a legend!

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