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Remembering Prince – The Bollywood Way

So 2016 claimed yet another piece of our lives – Prince, and everyone is in mourning. There was this tweet being circulated on social media that pretty much captures why we mourn for artists we have never even met. The ironic part is that most celebrities don’t even know how they touch our lives and be there for us through their art.

A lot has been said about Prince and his musical genius, and we agree with all of that. Over four decades, Prince, his sense of style and individuality have rightfully crowned him as a timeless icon. Like every where else in the world, the artist is immensely popular in India too. Way back in the early 1990s, the late Mukul S. Anand, unknowingly or not, paid a tribute to Prince’s music in his 1991-blockbuster Hum. Need a reminder? 

It is only fitting that Govinda and Rajinikanth feature in this "tribute" to one of the most flamboyant men in music. Dancing to Batdance and bashing up goons – it happens only in Bollywood!
Batdance from the 1989-released Batman soundtrack (yes, the Jack Nicholson-Michael Keaton waala), if you didn’t know, was a last-minute song written by Prince for the album. A rather unique song, Batdance featured dialogues from the movie and a chaotic mix of various music styles. Here, enjoy the song too.

We wonder if Prince ever knew about Govinda and Rajinikanth shaking more than a leg to his song. If he did, we hope he had a good laugh.