The 90’s gave us so many men to drool over. In the movies, there was Leonardo DiCaprio, TV gave us John Stamos, and in the music world, we had Ricky Martin. Two decades may have passed, but these men will remain forever in our hearts. Ricky Martin, with his husky voice, sexy body, and dance moves, became every teen’s sexual awakening. He was also probably the one to introduce us to the Spanish language. Before we could say ‘ek, do, teen’, we were singing ‘uno, dos, tres

Today, Ricky Martin turns cuarenta y cinco, or forty five for those who haven’t learnt Spanish yet. For the millennials, here’s bringing you six reasons to fall in love with the Maria singer all over again:


He looked like this.

Ricky Martin sexy - BookMyShow


He sang and danced like this.


And then, he sang in Spanish.


He also appeared on TV, as this guy.

Ricky Martin TV - BookMyShow


Even his hair was on fleek.

Ricky Martin hair - BookMyShow


Most importantly, Ricky has always been a good person, standing up for the right causes.

Ricky Martin charity - BookMyShow


Happy Birthday, Ricky Martin. You shall always be our No. 1 Man!

Ricky Martin sexy gif - BookMyShow