With Get Lucky killing it (quite literally) around the globe, Daft Punk seem to be the new messiahs of the music World. For the people who just got introduced to these Robots – Daft Punk comprises 2 french musicians – Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. A part of a rock trio – Darlin’ – Thomas & Guy-Manuel disbanded to pursue a “newer” sound – And thank god, they did! 
Their sound is like one of those perfect French cuisine recipes (Say it with a French accent in your head. Sounds much cooler, too). 
A dash of funk, whipped with electro, marinated with house, served in a delectable way! Though, the World may seem to call it electro-house-pop or whatever, most people in love with this band (including self), would call it “Good Music”. Why? – For someone who has been listening to Daft Punk for quite a while – will know for a fact that every album of DP’s seems to have a completely different sound. Funny thing is, even the lovers of Rock n’ Roll and other real forms of music love Daft Punk! Daft Punk, for some odd reason, always get their sound right! 
In ’93, they showcased their music to a Scottish Techno label, Soma Records. Subsequently, the pair released their first single, The New Wave, in 1994. They released their first commercially successful track – Da Funk in 1995 and then re-released in 1996 under Virgin Records and had a Spike Jonze (Yes, the guy who directed – Her) directed video. 
Their first album – Homework, featured songs – Around the World, Da Funk, and more – Around the World, specially, continues to still blow minds away when it is played! The video also perfectly fits the song. The song’s repetitive nature and the video go hand-in-hand. Like a large scoop of Chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. Hardly any lyrics (Actually, just one line). Very trippy. Very crazy! 

A collection featuring all of Homework’s videos was released subsequently. The collection was called – A story about Dogs, Androids, Firemen & Tomatoes – D.A.F.T! 
The “Daft Punk” Look: Trivia 1 – Initially, the duo would perform without any costumes, but for their Homework tours they began to wear masks. Even for their press appearances, their faces would be covered by digital animation. Absolute digital concealment! 
Then came the album Discovery. And the song, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. A song that’s as good as a drug, if overheard can cause excessive-trippiness. And that of a good kind. Other songs in the album included Aerodynamic (my personal favorite) & the cult hit, One More Time. The album’s very house-based with a lot of acid synth. 

Discovery got the French Duo Popular in the dance music scene, Around the World. (Yes, pun intended). 
The “Daft Punk" Look: Trivia 2 – Here’s where the Halloween costumes were dropped and in came the futuristic “Robot” look! They even wore LED-enhanced helmets in ad campaigns. 
If you love, both, Around the World & Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Here’s their mashup from the live album – Alive 2007

P.S: Do not try doing anything else while listening to this song. This song has the ability to distract you and suck you in. Like a Cocker Spaniel towards delicious baby back ribs. No kidding. 
Interstella 5555 – A movie that contained a Japanese-animated episode for each song of Discovery. The movie was co-produced by Daft Punk. Supervised by Manga Artist – Leiji Matsumoto. 
Human After All. 2005. The album that featured songs like Robot Rock & Technologic. Yes, irony at its best. Very techno. Very raw. Very different. A lot of rock and whole lot of minimalism. A Grammy-nominated album. 

The “Daft Punk" Look: Trivia 3 – Daft Punk went through another costume change, post the release of Human After All. Black leather Jackets and Pants. Head Gear, however, remained almost the same. A little more minimalistic, but essentially still the same. 
They also made a film debut in 2006 with the film, Electroma. In 2007, they won a Grammy for their live album – Alive 2007. In 2009, they composed the soundtrack for the film – Tron Legacy. They even had a cameo appearance in the film. 
2013. Random Access Memories. Get Lucky. Lose Yourself To Dance. Contact. Pharrell Williams. Neil Rodgers. Five Grammies. An album that deserves a salute. An album that has songs that will have you running through a wide variety of emotions. From the “Outer Space” emotion – Contact – to – “I want to move and shake like a retard” emotion – Get Lucky! 

Daft Punk, by far, are one of the best artists that have hit the music scene. With all the monotonous music floating all around, Daft Punk’s return with Random Access Memories was like a breath of fresh air! 
“We’ve come too far to give up who we are. So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars”. 

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