Everyone knows that the actual game is far from the most exciting thing about the Super Bowl. And this year was no exception. From TV spots for upcoming films like X-Men: Apocalypse and The Jungle Book to a star-studded halftime show, there was something to keep everyone entertained. This year’s headliners, Coldplay, featured two very special guests in their performance – Beyonce and Bruno Mars. And if you’ve watched the show, or been on Twitter, you know that the guest stars stole the show!

Coldplay kickstarted the evening with hits like Viva La Vida and Paradise. But it wasn’t until Bruno Mars entered with Uptown Funk that the party really got started. The singer showed off his smooth moves and power-packed vocals in a performance that was just cool as Bruno himself. Don’t believe me? Just watch:

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more exciting, Beyonce marched in, and her outfit reminded us of another iconic Super Bowl performance:

Not only did Bey perform her amazing new song, Formation, but she also made falling seem cool:

How does she do it?? Then things got even more exciting, as Beyonce and Bruno had a dance-off. Yes, you read that right. Beyonce and Bruno Mars had a dance-off at the Super Bowl. No big deal.

The best part? We’re not the only ones ‘bowled’ over by Bey and Bruno. Chris Martin took the stage with them to close off an epic halftime show, and he looked totally fine with being upstaged. But hey, who wouldn’t be happy just to share a stage with two of the most iconic musicians of our time?