Top 5 Megadeth songs for you

Are you ready to rock? Ladies and not-so-gentlemen, it’s Megadeth! They are known as one of the pioneers of the American thrash metal movement. This band brings the noise. Fronted by Dave Mustaine, the band has given us over 20 years of awesome music. Here are a few songs to start your week off with a bang.

Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction


The sheer sight of twenty thousand fans roaring in unison just raises the blood. With power riffs, we get lost in the Symphony of Destruction. Lyrical and melodic, the song makes you want to grit your teeth and raise some hell.


Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due


Power stance – check, Power Chord- Check, Head-bang- Check.

You are ready for the Holy Wars…The Punishment Due. Turn up the volume and feel the music in your bones.


Megadeth – Tornado Of Souls


Get sucked into the Tornado of Souls. Get lost in a wicked solo, raise your fists up to the heavens and roar. All that matters is the heavy metal! Listen to this song when you have that Monday morning commute.

 Megadeth Hangar 18


With a heavy beat, this song is full of surprises. Remember to stretch before head-banging to this one. Be ready for some epic guitar.


Megadeth- She Wolf Live


After a long day, this is the song for you. A kick-ass solo from Mustaine and lose yourself in the music. As the rock begins to take over, close your eyes and enjoy the wave of metal as it washes over you.

By the way folks, Megadeth is coming to India. Snap up your tickets and enjoy this amazing band, live!

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