"Appan bhi Punjabi hainge, humein toh bahana chahiye"  

In all honesty, it’s not about being a Punjabi by origin, the party people that often are considered the life of parties. We all have a little bit of that sometimes weird, many times fun person prevalent inside us. The one who needs that one bahana to dance and sing at the mere sound of a peppy beat. Needless to say, it all kinda began when Daler Mehndi entered the Indian Pop scene in the ’90s and sang and danced to songs like Bolo Tara Rara, Dardi Rab Rab Kardi etc. giving way to many others who eventually became household names for the songs played at every get-together, every party, every shaadi.

One such singer is Mika Singh, the youngest of the Mehndi brothers, who revolutionized the way the artists looked on screen to their models as well as the beats, which by far have remained desi, but have been given the flavor of international tunes, mostly electronic beats. As of today, this is also called as Bollywood Dance Music.
Mika Singh entered the scene in the late-90s when most of the pop singers had tried their hands at many peppy songs, some remixes, some hummable tunes with great music videos. FYI, most of these music videos featured supermodels from the Indian ramps. For example: Mika’s first song, Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag, features him, Nandana Sen and Bollywood’s Bad Man… Gulshan Grover. We must admit that despite many a controversy, the biggest being the ‘kissing episode’ with Rakhi Sawant made popular by paparazzi. The peck that lasted 2 seconds (perhaps less or more) surely gave way to a lot of publicity for both the celebs in question. So much so, that there was an online game as well about the same that remained popular for the longest time. 
However, all said and done, Mika’s songs are hot favorites amongst the plethora of fans and audience that he has. Below is our list of his best songs through the years:

Gandi Baat: The current favorite ’cause it has Shahid Kapoor dancing the Prabhudheva way, the steps are addictive, and so is the song. Suddenly, gandi baat – the term mostly used to reprimand someone, doesn’t seem so ganda anymore. Time for an overhaul it seems! 

Punjabiyan Di Battery: This song from Mere Dad Ki Maruti, happens to be one of our favorites ’cause it has some of the best lyrics we’ve heard in a while, in a song that was perhaps created as an ‘item’ song in the film featuring the entire star cast, especially Ram Kapoor as the very angry dad and Saqib Saleem as the often defaulter of a son. This one would have the battery button in your system switched on forever! 

Pungi: Pungi is one song that catapulted the fate of this film to a different level. Why, you may ask? Simply put: funny lyrics, nicely sung, and well-performed. It’s Mika Singh meets suave Saif Ali Khan, all the way. 

Jugni: Tanu Weds Manu was a film that rested entirely on Kangana’s shoulders. Add to that, the closing sequence with this fabulous shaadi number – Jugni. Now, shake your shoulders in an upward direction in sync with the song. Sorted. 

Mauja Hi Mauja: Definitely our favorite of this list of Top 5, this song deserves an applause every time you listen to it. Geet and Aditya finally meet and get married and then dance to this awesome number. One that makes you want to move your body as well as the two actors in the song do. Jag sara nikhar jaata hai as soon as you hear this number and get to dance on it. *plays song in head and dances*

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