What if Kanye West was President?

It was a seemingly ordinary day in August… But then, this happened:

Years later, we’re all going to look back at this moment and think about how it changed everything. The moment when Kanye West decided there was only one area of life that he hadn’t conquered already: Politics.

Though everyone initially laughed his announcement off, we’ve come to realize that Ye might not make such a bad President after all. In fact, he might actually make a really good one. Still don’t believe us? Here are 5 things that would happen if Kanye becomes the POTUS in 2020:

Marijuana Would Be Legalized

Ye said it best in his candidacy announcement (a.k.a. his VMA acceptance speech): "Y’all might be thinking right now, ‘I wonder, did he smoke something before he came out here?’ And the answer is yes, I rolled up a little something. I knocked the edge off."

Museum of Selfies

If Kanye was President, Kim Kardashian would be the First Lady, and she’d be the most tech-savvy First Lady of all time. While they were still ordinary citizens, Kim gifted Kanye a book filled with her best selfies. If he was President, we’re sure there would be a Museum of Selfies instead.

Jesus Would Walk in Every Church

Places of worship will not be the same, when Kanye’s President. Every hymn in every church will be replaced by his smash hit Jesus Walks.

Beyonce Would Win Every Award

From the Man Booker to the Nobel Peace Prize, Beyonce would win the Best Everything of All Time!

"I do"? What’s That?
"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"Uh-huh, honey!"

*Bound 2 starts playing as they share their first kiss as a married couple*