Rumor has it that India’s beloved Yo Yo Honey Singh has become an inspiration for a character for the upcoming film, The Spectacular Jihad Of Taz Rahim. Now, that’s something we are looking forward to! But, where is Yo Yo these days? Even though he is missing from the booming music scene, Honey Singh is definitely making up to the news headlines with the rumors. And, guess what it might actually turn out to be true! We are excited and how!

But seriously, where is this messiah of Bollywood rap? After Aao Raja from Gabbar Is Back, it’s been a while since Yo Yo gave us an eargasm with his mind-numbing songs. Don’t know if it’s good or bad, we are surely missing him. Our parties are adhuri without his groovy tunes. Sigh! But, what could Honey Singh be upto? Here’re a few things we feel Honey Singh is doing right now!

He could be chugging chaar bottle vodka

Main rahoon saari raat in the bar
Daaru piyun lagaatar…


Getting high on life with Manali!

Aah puff, aah.. Stuff

Practicing his Angrezi Beats!

After all, practice maketh a man perfect.

Beating the summer heat in a lungi

Oh! he loves that attire. He wrote an entire song about it.

Indulging in a lil’ bit of umm… dope shope

What? You never know!

Chilling with the Bhootnath


This is the after party ke bhi after party. So, now you know why you don’t see Honey Singh during daytime.

Might be unconscious due to over ‘dose’ of Love

Tu aaja mere close
Milta na mauka roz
I want you my baby
Mujhe de de love dose

Too much of anything is bad.

Someone hypnotized him with blue eyes

Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Or in worst case, someone got him killed with the "bomb figure


Katal kare tera bomb figure. He almost predicted in his song "Blue Eyes" remember?