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Which Direction Are They On After a Year?

Its going to be a year since the internet broke (Well, seems like a very repetitive occurrence now) with the news of Zayn Malik leaving the very popular band One Direction. Teens and adult girls alike weren’t very thrilled with the development and didn’t hold back while sharing their grief on the social media. All was not lost and the band survived those trying times. They continued their tour and released three singles since then – Drag Me Down, Perfect and History. A year is a long time and the band and Zayn have done a lot in this past year.

The Fans Weren’t Happy About the Parting of Ways

Zayn Has Released Four Singles

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Zayn Malik has released four singles since he left the band. His first single was Pillow Talk followed by It’s You, Like I Would and Befour. His album Mind of Mine is releasing today, one year after he left the band. He also broke up with his then fiancee Perrie Edwards who is a member of Little Mix, and he is currently dating Gigi Hadid.

The Band Played On

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The band has continued to do shows sans Zayn Malik and even released an album called Made in the AM. The single History was dedicated to fans and the video ended with the four members going in different directions, which caused a lot of uproar among the band’s fans who thought that One Direction is disbanding. The director Ben later cleared the air, saying that the video was originally supposed to end with the boys meeting again but the scene didn’t make it to the final cut.

Louis and Zayn’s Twitter War

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Zayn signed up with Naughty Boys after he left One Direction and the producer posted a picture of them together in a recording studio, which angered Louis Tomlinson and he made some comments. Zayn wasn’t too happy either and he responded in kind.

The Band On a Hiatus

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The band’s last performance was at Capital FM during Christmas when they announced that they will be taking a two-year long break, which was later reduced to 18 months. The boys have been individually travelling and enjoying their break since then. Harry Styles is rumored to star in a movie directed by Christopher Nolan titled Dunkirk. Louis Tomlinson is father to a baby named Freddie now. Niall Horan is travelling with his friends. Liam Payne has collaborated with Juicy J on his next album.

Yes, Zayn left and it was a sad moment in the band’s history but they have bounced back and One Direction still rules.