Music is magic. There's probably no one out there who does not listen to it and if you are someone like us then probably your day starts with Kishore Kumar and ends with Armaan Malik (including everything in between). While Bollywood has given us a variety of songs and some fabulous singers over the years, there are some singers out there who haven't really lent their voice to Bollywood but their voices are indeed magical and their rendition of the original songs will make you want to never stop listening to them. Here's a list of the most amazing YouTube singers who will win your heart with just their voice. 

Sanam Puri

The popularity of Saman Puri and his band Sanam has taken the internet by storm. The pop rock band formed in 2010 consists of four members, Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Venkat Subramaniyam and Keshav Dhanraj.

Shirley Setia

Shirley is a singer from Auckland, New Zealand, who was born in India. Her love for music and melodious voice got her over a million subscribers. Post which, she decided to move to Mumbai and make a career out of her passion.

Vidya Vox

Vidya became a sensation after starting the trend of mashups blending the music of the west with the east. Born in India and raised in America, the singer can not just sing in Hindi and English but also in Malayalam, Telugu, Bhojpuri and even French.

Siddharth Slathia

Discovering his talent at the age of 10 itself, this boy from Jammu knew he was not meant for engineering. After leaving college, he started his training in music and currently has over 20 million views and 2,00,000 subscribers on his channel.

Shraddha Sharma

This girl from Dehradun would be the first among the list to have become famous with just a video of her singing Haal-e-Dil that went viral in no time. She also launched an album of her songs, Raastey in 2014.

While this is just a list of our favorites, there are many more singers out there you should totally check out!